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Originally Posted by Shivani Devi

How I see this, is that the "Ascended Masters" have an offworld origin, either from a different dimension/plane or from another planet in this universe.

When they came to Earth and took human form, they were the "Shining Ones"...the Devas or the Elohim who were and are, for all intents and purposes, only those with an advanced level of consciousness could see their true form.

That is most likely correct. Once the Devas / Elohim had physical bodies, but with time they ascended to a higher plane and became light beings. They are currently higher dimensional beings (6+), existing as pure light, however they can manifest in this reality and interact with it, which they do out of compassion from time to time.

They also share a collective mind. They still have their individuality and their own personality, but they constantly switch back and forth between an individual consciousness and a collective one. This collective consciousness is actually what we know as the Elohim. They speak with one voice in this mode, and the idea of a chorus of angels singing in unison up in heaven is an allegorical representation of that.
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