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In regards to the previous video – I was absolutely honoured and privileged, with sheer love and delight to come to know this - eco-warrior.
Her legacy should be known, plus she would like people to see her video.


Something happens …….. when you live in the wilderness. The Nature takes over your Psyche.
If you are afraid of heights – try climbing the Eiffel Tower – at one point you lose your fear.
It just becomes way too high up for you to even care anymore.

The same way – I lived in a caravan, in a rainforest – run over by spiders - wayyyy too many to count.
So your mind just flips over, you don’t even use the nets - you just brush the spiders off your bed and sleep like a log – the spiders crawling all over you – yet none ever bit me.

Was it my traditional healer grandmother, which affected me? ……. I don’t know (?).
According to her – you never-ever kill a spider – her Totem – because the Spider is your Mother.

The Spider Mother weaved the Wold so, that we as sentient beings have a connection i.e. *felt* interconnectedness with All That Is – and if you can feel the sentient connection – you can (spatially) navigate/travel the 7 multidimensional layers to the Central Sun and thus are empowered, all the way - in degrees ....

The Spider can also be the trickster – the very confusing situations in your life are like a cobweb and you have to find the Golden Thread that takes you back to the Central Sun.


The first house I owned was full of snakes. Yet the more you saw them - the more you lost the fear of them. I never killed them either.

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