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Originally Posted by Shivani Devi

How I see this, is that the "Ascended Masters" have an offworld origin, either from a different dimension/plane or from another planet in this universe.

When they came to Earth and took human form, they were the "Shining Ones"...the Devas or the Elohim who were and are, for all intents and purposes, only those with an advanced level of consciousness could see their true form.

When Lord Shiva appears to me, don't think I see the "snake dude" every time! I mean, sometimes I do...but most often, He looks like a very beautiful humanoid creature that I could never mistake.

Then, a few years ago, I saw an artist's impression of a 'being' and my heart almost exploded with instant recognition...THIS was what I had seen all my life:

Then I read about who this was and found out it was Lord Shiva as an Ascended Master! (ie without the snakes and the blue paint).

That's very interesting --- especially the picture. Thanks for sharing.
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