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Hmm last week's spread wasn't bad, here's one for this week

1. Take a closer look at this: 6 of Cups reversed - people offering you things that may really help you out, even if it's not the easiest thing for them to offer (ie BE GRATEFUL). Why: 8 of Wands reversed. Because things are pretty slow on the ground - be really appreciative of any assistance you get this week.

2. Don't worry so much about this: 8 of Cups - people walking away or things going dead. Why - Star reversed. It kind of just looks like a despondent time all around, to be honest. The vibe here is that it's just a quiet time of year where people are shutting doors. "It's not all about you"

3. Beware of this danger: Queen of Swords rev - misjudging situations or people for the worst. Why - 2 of Pentacles reversed. There's a bit more than you can cope with at times. When you're feeling overwhelmed or startled by something, that's when you may be most likely to do or say something you may regret later. Best advice is to move slowly and take your time to think all things through carefully this week.

4. Hold tight to this: 10 of Wands rev, an interesting card as it literally depicts letting things go! Perhaps this means "hold tight to putting down what is too much for you", ie recognise what needs to get dropped or delegated elsehwere. Why - 7 of Cups rev, extreme clarity of vision will serve you well.

5. Learn to appreciate this: 5 of Swords rev, an absence of conflict. Justice rev - because things are murky in at least one of the environments around you. Take this as a calm between storms. Eep :/

6. Stop pursuing this: Judgement! - big changes, big shakeups, and big transformations. It may not be time for big moves just yet. Why - 4 of Cups. You need to wait it out a little longer. Hidden influences you can't see yet: Wheel of Fortune rev + Chariot . More changes happening later down the road - things may feel like they go down but it also seems to be associated with a solid 'up'.

7. Seek this: 3 of Swords (GUYZ ARE YOU PLAYING ME?!?!); why - The Magician. DUDE. WHAT. Gah. The only thing I can think of here is that the cards want me to get a bit emo about things that may have hurt me in the past, because there's something fancy++ and shiny that may get my attention only to screw me over later.
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