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Ah ha! This is the thread I've been looking for.

1. Take a closer look at this: 9 of Wands. Anxiety! Check yourself before you wreck yourself, especially where some guardedness is simply not necessary.
Why: King of Pentacles reversed - because there are still going to be a few money-related worries/career-related worries this week. If you know it's a lean season, make sure you've got a strategy or big picture plan in place... and put it somewhere obvious where you can reflect on it often.

2. Don't worry so much about this: Justice reversed. Unfairness. Not all is fair in love, war, or anything else - sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and not sweat the small stuff, like being in the right.
Why: 4 of Pentacles says that sometimes it's better to stay quiet on certain matters. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with a work meeting we're having on Thursday...

3. Beware of this danger: Queen of Wands. Hmm, ambition and guts?
Why: Page of Wands. A certain amount of confidence is good - but not when other people may perceive you as a little pipsqueak. It's still early days. Don't let ego get the better of you. Be enthusiastic... but also make sure your humbleness shines through.

4. Hold tight to this: 5 of Swords. Conflict!?
Why: 8 of Pentacles. I think what this combination is saying - and certainly in light of some of the other cards - that this may be a good week to keep certain things to your chest. Focus instead on being diligent and in the quality of your work, and don't get caught up in drama of any kind.

5. Learn to appreciate this: Uncertainty?! (I am SO glad I added the 'why' cards to this spread)
Why: 7 of Pentacles. Uncertainty can be uncomfortable but 'maybe' is always infinitely better than 'definitely not'! There are more opportunities on the table - and WILL be more opportunities on the table - than you currently believe are on offer. Don't give into any FOMO. Have faith that things will work out... and it might turn out easier than you think.

6. Stop pursuing this: The Chariot reversed. Dead-ends! Dead horse, no movement. If it's not changing or improving in front of your eyes, move on.
Why: King of Swords reversed. There's a certain amount of ruthlessness you're going to have to pull and abide by (and I'm thinking about the amount of clinical shadowing I do - great learning opportunities but I'm not getting paid for it). think about costs and benefits. If it's not of huge benefit, time to move on. You may need to do a serious 'life declutter' and cull whatever doesn't hugely hugely work for you. Minimum investment, maximum returns - this is what you need to aim for. Don't invest too much of your time and energy into things that require a LOT from you, but don't yield much in return.

7. Seek this: 9 of Pentacles. Ah, the traditional card of success, particularly for females! This figure is enjoying the luxe, stable life with all the material comforts and associated calm she could want. There are no worries here - she's got everything she wants and isn't afraid it'll be taken away from her anytime soon. This is what you need to aim for.
Why: Queen of Cups. The more security you have - and a fair amount of this will be financial and material security - the more emotionally stable you'll be in addition to increasing your general happiness, quality of life and creativity/intuition. "Eliminating worry" needs to be high up on your list, as this appears to be key to your happiness levels.

Wow! Always an informative read, this spread
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