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Originally Posted by lili
I found the moment of grace 15 or so years ago when I stopped smoking. I decided that when I went in the hospital for surgery I would stop smoking. There was never a doubt in my mind. I cannot say it was easy. It wasnt. It was horrible. BUT I knew without question that I would succeed. There was no other option in my mind. No matter what.

Thanks for talking about your times of grace. Odd that we called it the same thing. Or perhaps not so odd.
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! That is it exactly.

lili, I call it grace because - and this is my personal experiential interpretation - it feels as if my higher self kicks my lower self to the curb, steps in and says, "Okay now I'M taking over!" It's a divine act, thus the grace label. But I don't experience it as the clouds parting and angels singing. It's something that's already an aspect of myself; something I am in (partial) control of. Yes, it's the higher, spiritual aspect of myself, which I have only a slumbering awareness of most of time. Nevertheless I do have a direct connection to that source. It's mostly a matter of simply waking up to this soul-spirit connection and process. I'm explaining all this because it makes achieving this union with the higher self, something that's very doable. One doesn't wait around for divine intervention. Rather, one is an active, conscious participant in this epiphany event. A co-creator.

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