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Originally Posted by Baile
I quit drinking the next day, cold turkey, and have been sober for 35 years now. THAT is grace, spiritual communion, spiritual will.

Likewise I quit drugs and tobacco the same way, from one moment to the next - instantaneous healing after experiencing a paradigm-shifting revelation - and never had the urge after that.
Baile, those moments you speak of are what I call "a grace". I find in life that I can try try try. But it is in the moment of grace that success comes. I found the moment of grace 15 or so years ago when I stopped smoking. I decided that when I went in the hospital for surgery I would stop smoking. There was never a doubt in my mind. I cannot say it was easy. It wasnt. It was horrible. BUT I knew without question that I would succeed. There was no other option in my mind. No matter what. These are what I do call moments of grace. Even when it is not easy at all. Still it is possible in that moment. Thanks for talking about your times of grace. Odd that we called it the same thing. Or perhaps not so odd.