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Originally Posted by FruitLoop
First off, big hugs because this must be so frustrating for you.

Thyroid is only part of the problem:
Yes, do keep eating healthily - Eating well is not *just* about weight, it's about maintaining the good, healthy function of your internal organs, nourishing the cells properly and feeling as well *as you can feel* - you will feel more sluggish and bogged down on an unhealthy diet.

Your thyroid controls your metabolism - this is not your fault and weight fluctuations are a normal part of the disease.

Stress can affect weight loss, treat yourself to reflexology, a massage or something that makes you feel good and relaxed on a regular basis. The thyroid responds poorly to stressors - it's important to keep your adrenal glands healthy and ensure they aren't overworked.

Ensure you're getting a good range of vitamins and minerals.

You are not unlovable, you are wonderful. We have fingernails but we AREN'T fingernails, we have fat but we AREN'T fat... fat does not define you. You are still you regardless of your weight. I think even if you did lose the weight you want to, your mind would undermine the achievement because it's the way you're conditioning your thoughts. Sometimes you become so focused on the goal that you miss everything else that's going off around that focus.

I'd hazard a guess that if you stopped doing everything 'to lose weight' and focused on the whole picture of what it means to be fit and healthy you'd become happier and more relaxed and probably lose some of that weight naturally - it's not easy, but try to be less hard on yourself :)
nice response, Fruitloop. True about it being important to not define ourselves by what our body is. For some, that is more important than others. I am waving my hand here as someone who needs work in that arena. I do not define others that way. BUT I was taught all my developmental years to define myself this way. I grew up in the fashion industry.....