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Originally Posted by Clover
ooo I want t play, history enthusiast here.....

I pulled The Sun, Ten of pentacles, and Four of pentacles.

So I feel the time period was a glorious 'golden' era of wealth and prosperity, The four of pentz I sense there was a lot of security there. Well who was she? I got Queen of Cups, two of wands reversed and 4 of cups. So, a woman of stature and delegation, loving and compassion but for whatever reason she withheld and never expanded nor extended both physical and emotional 'desires', probably withheld and drowned often in regret and woe. but still I sense she was for her people over everything else.

Was she a Queen? ( am I allowed to ask or do I throw a name out there?)

Bit on Bold is spot on.
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― George R.R. Martin, AGOT

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