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Thanks Honza.. ah that makes me wonder if that's part of the reason Mexicans are known to be so frisky haha.. hibiscus tea served cold like a lemonade is popular in South America not that I really want to stereotype anyone or assume that most hispanics consume this tea because I know they don't but the thought came to my mind hehe

I Love flowers, and used to use Bach flower remedies and have a couple books about them.. but they use alcohol which I was wishing to try some flower essences without that. I checked out FES' website but don't see them listing the ingredients or total processes used.. do you know if they use alcohol or what's all involved?
I've also been wanting to start drinking hibiscus tea again. I had some of the powder in the past and it was really delicious and it's great to get the benefits of herbs in a form that you find delightful and enjoyable

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