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Originally Posted by Evolventity
I am certainly unique and have many qualities that make me appear "different" or not with the "status quo." And I love spreading love. I wouldnt call myself a warror light worker though because it sounds like an oxymoron and I dont want to fight or push against anyone. Being contrary to others isnt meant to cause dis-ease, rather, to demonstrate that we are all love no matter our differences. To demonstrate unconditional love. To enjoy the connectedness between All walks of life.

Here's another oxymoron.

Cause it's a bittersweet symphony this life.

Quote. The verve.

I do not call my self a warrior light worker, I call my self a light warrior.
As is the title of this thread.

Would you protest against pollution/climate change, war or animal cruelty.

Or are you to busy feeling unconditional love.

And by the way I believe it is not possible to feel complete unconditional love until you transcend to the spirit world or some say the 5thd.

I think the nearest we get to it is love for a family member or a beloved pet.
Or in my case other L Ws.

I did not choose to be a L W, I was born this way, its my mission my pathway in life, I believe this as I have had so many signs and synchronicities to convince me this is true.

I've had a hard but very interesting life.

Although nothing is set in stone, a leopard never changes its spots.

I'm glad you feel all this love you say you feel, but I think you need to work on understanding others.
I have put a lot of work into explaining were I am coming from on this thread, its a shame that you and some others, do not seem to get it.

And if you think im being to defensive, im a light warrior.

As soon as we detect some distorsion of spiritual truths we instinktively go for the attack.
How many times does an angel fall.

How many people lie instead of talking tall.

quote David Bowie Black Star.

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