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Just acknowledging posts I missed before:

Originally Posted by weareunity
A suggested progression.
Before scientific understanding had reached the level it now begins to reach, enlightened persons realised the oneness of all by means of thought, empathy and vision.

Sometimes they chose to pass on this realisation to others of their time and culture in terms which would be familiar to those around them. A difficult undertaking I think. Sometimes this took the form of establishing a system of practice and belief. Sometimes this practice was procedural, practical step by step self realisation. Sometimes this practice was guided by belief based instruction regarding the behaviour necessary to realise the oneness of all. Sometimes this practice encouraged empathy, an understanding of being the other, of feeling with the other, connected with the other. Oftentimes this practice combined many and more such elements.

As scientific understanding "increased", science itself has now reached a similar level of realisation regarding the oneness of all--though by a differing path. Now, today, just as enlightened persons in the past sought to share the reality of the oneness of all as a reality, so also are we faced with the undertaking of turning this scientific understanding of the oneness of all into a behavioural reality. We can do so by each of us turning that objective understanding into shared yet personal reality by means of our choices, our behaviour, our ambitions, hopes and dreams. Our empathy with all which is and of which we are is our way forward and our way to further understanding.


thanks! I appreciate the explanation
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