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Originally Posted by Lucky 1
Well said.....I feel the same is how we understand the natural world and the universe we live in.... and it is a constantly changing and expanding base of knowledge.

2000 years ago everyone "just knew" that the earth was a few thousand years we know better...

1,500 years ago everyone "just knew" that the earth was the center of the we know better....

500 years ago everyone "just knew" that the earth was we know better ( least most of us do)

And as our knowledge of the universe grows through science....and as we peal back layers of understanding about our world and the universe we live in....we come to find that certain least currently cannot be be explained by science.

And that is where spirituality....dealing with the unknown and currently unknowable comes in.

Perhaps we are being allowed to know and discover more about how it all works as we are meant to find out and know...a growing process if you will

Yes, I will. That is I'm sure that this thing we call life is a growing process. Just look around - not much more is needed to recognise this fact. We are surrounded by information, so much information in fact that nobody can talk about anything without being contradicted. These contradictions force us to make decisions about things, although any decisions we make might well be overturned later as more information comes to light.

Myself I'd like to get rid of the word 'spirituality', it's like 'soul', no-one knows what such words mean, and I'd like to get rid of them, plus a couple of others. 8 Billion people each think they know what such words mean so we have 8 billion differing explanations.

I'd prefer to talk about mind and matter or mental- and physical- lives. This would make things much clearer. It would also help to relieve the load we have on our backs when waylaid by terms used for centuries by people who (believing their eyes) could see the Sun going around the Earth, when what we need now is a clear picture of how science can give us an inkling (modest at the moment) of how the physical world works and how the mental world bears its influence on the physical world. (See for instance Dr. Rupert Sheldrake). I mention Sheldrake just to show that I'm not talking about there not being invisible and not yet understood forces in the universe but we need to get a grip on ourselves when we talk about say 'angels'.

That 'middle point' the centre of all potential of the universe(s) and the source of all energy doesn't IMO have anything against us dwellers of the universe slowly gathering understanding of our predicaments. It's another way of looking at evolution, an evolution which isn't just about monkeys' tails.
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