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Originally Posted by Busby
For me it's clear. Science (as we know it) exists.
Spirituality (as we know it) is pure theory.

Personally I have no other philosophy these days than the one of 'everything is of a natural order' I have no doubt (having experienced them myself) that there are some very strange things that we can't explain. This doesn't mean that they exist on some sort of plane to which we need to transcend. We will, one day, maybe thousands of years hence, understand much more of this weird thing called life and we'll see that the base of all that we know and have is an intelligent universe.

Well said.....I feel the same is how we understand the natural world and the universe we live in.... and it is a constantly changing and expanding base of knowledge.

2000 years ago everyone "just knew" that the earth was a few thousand years we know better...

1,500 years ago everyone "just knew" that the earth was the center of the we know better....

500 years ago everyone "just knew" that the earth was we know better ( least most of us do)

And as our knowledge of the universe grows through science....and as we peal back layers of understanding about our world and the universe we live in....we come to find that certain least currently cannot be be explained by science.

And that is where spirituality....dealing with the unknown and currently unknowable comes in.

Perhaps we are being allowed to know and discover more about how it all works as we are meant to find out and know...a growing process if you will
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