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All I know is that I saw a LOT of people in my hospital room, just outside the curtain, yet I could still see their white shapes thru the curtain. It was a lot of people, not doctors, not nurses....they were facing me. I could hear them and their conversations.

I also felt the presence of two people standing behind me by my bed, who were not doctors or nurses.

I could hear them talking and speaking.

I had glimpses of future events, that scarily have been coming to pass and there is still moreto come from what iI can recall.

The glimpses of the future is what kind of haunts me.

I also remember being in a place where people were lining up to choose their next rebirth. I backed away from this area and ultimately survived my ordeal.

It was all very strange. Yet at the same time, no real fear, except for the future events portion that keeps my head spinning.
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