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Originally Posted by mintlemon
I just happened see your question and I just wanted to write my experience.

I used to be locked in a very very unhappy marriage and suffered a lot for twenty five years. The relationship was so bad, because he was a covert narcissist. I really could not put finger on what is wrong, because he was a master manipulator and great gas-lighter. One day, I had a very bad nervous breakdown. After this, my mental health went down the hill even quicker and hit the bottom, and my everyday life was almost hell. All I thought about every day was about dying. I went to see many psychologists and psychiatrists and took all sorts of medications and I also went to acupuncturists. But nothing worked. They did not help me at all. This is why I stared to look for answers from spiritual world, there was nowhere I could turn to.

I had several "soul readings" and found out about my origin. When I was told that I am the first timer to the planet Earth, I cried a lot. Because, I always had very strong feeling that I do not belong here, I never found anybody I could relate to. The guy I was married to, he definitely had very poisonous things in him, this poison in him was killing me a bit by bit. To this day, I believe he is from some connection to malicious planets, or something.

It was revealed that I am a star-seed, and my origin was Arcturia, a star system locating somewhere around the Bootes constellation, they are above 5D, so living in 3D here was very taxing thing for me. Yes, of course we have thousands of lives all over the universe/multiverse so Arcturia is not single and only planet I ever lived. But three of the soul readers pointed out that I have a strong connection to this star.

Once I found out this, I started to watch all the YouTube videos where people who regularly receive message from Arcturians post their channelings. To my surprise, I found out the messages from a particular lady have been always spot on. It is incredible, for example, when I am dealing with people who have some nonsense self-importance because of their social status in this very dysfunctional hierarchic society, I have the most appropriate advice from them.

There are so many people posting channeled message these days, but I must say, you also have to be careful about them as some people mentioned in this forum, there are malicious star-seeds/beings/people who have their own agendas as well. You trust your guts and find the right ones.

Back to my story, with the help of some very good psychics on top of several soul readers, I eventually gained spiritual strengths, got a job, and got out from the marriage. Now I live all by myself in a cute house. Yes I live alone but never feel lonely. I love my very peaceful life.

What I got from the soul readings are that the spiritual "home" I never had here on earth. Before the readings, I did not have anywhere to turn to. Now, I know I am supported by all the beings from my star-system, and I know I am here temporarily because of this timing and situation of the earth. Yes, it is a very crucial time now, and we are brave volunteers helping the ascension. Cheer up!! We are so brave!! By the way, let's celebrate 02022020, which is none other than today!

Fascinating.I've just skimmed through a few video's on you tube about Arcturia,It seems wonderful.
You have to be open about everything when you are a Spiritualist.I am constantly learning on this Forum,that is what I love about it.
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