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You’d be surprised how some of the symbols in your dream from childhood still come back to you to this day in your dreams and conscious thoughts
These symbols are usually great indicators at the symbols that meant a lot to you in your past life
Because when we’re youre we’re still forming our thoughts in this life that a lot of times we still remember things from our past life because it’s still “fresh”
For me this has been the symbol of snake. I had a stuffed animal python as a kid and one night when I was 4 or 5 I had a dream that the stuffed animal slithered between my bed and the wall as if to “say hi” to me
Now recently when I go to sleep I have the image of a snake
It used to be terrifying it still is something I’m getting used to but now I realize snake is a powerful image telling us to shed our skin. Whenever a snake grows it sheds its skin and gets a new pattern and scales. I started getting these visions and thoughts when I was going through a big spiritual awakening , seeing spirits /ufos/getting premonitions about events that came true. A lot of times I was really scared because I felt like the veil was lifted and it was unnerving. Just like how when I see the snake I get scared but he’s a symbol for my growth and how I must “shed my skin now”

Relating it back to your question , I also saw snakes a lot in my yard as a kid. One time I was laying down looking at a flower in the grass when I realized a snake was on the ground looking at me two feet away. I jumped up and ran away, again it was scary. My siblings would like to kill the snakes a lot by dropping things and I always felt bad for them

Now I know why I feel a pull towards snakes so much. In a past life I was a native living in the jungle rain forest Amazon in South America and there are many snakes there. It’s come to my understanding that I might have befriended a few and there was a mutual understanding between us. The jungle is cool cause there’s a lot of animals , birds Jaguars snakes and we’re all on the same plane living as one so there’s no real bottom/top of the food chain everyone is just trying to live and we all have different powers. Birds listen all the time and mimick you so they’re able to talk to you and tell you things , warn you about something ahead or tell you what someone said about you. Snakes are very instinctual and can smell weakness but they can also tell when someone is a good person and they should not harm them. Animals are very smart

Anyways just look at the symbols that you’ve had in your dreams in your childhood or just things that you’re drawn to or just trigger strong emotions to you, research where those animals live/where that particular object originated from, and you’ll get a good indication about where you’re really from

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