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Originally Posted by davidsun
Well conceptualized and said, OB. This is what 'in'carnation offers as a possibility which would could not be played with otherwise.

Some find said circumstance to be unduly restricting', others find it unduly stressfull, i.e. spirit-overwhelming. Getting 'back' to a 'purely' spiritual state therefore appeals to them as a 'goal'. Reminds me of the proverbial kid who wants to "pick up his marbles and go 'home'."
I was reading one of Frank DeMarco's channeled books not long ago and it was mentioned that we each have roughly 30 or so guides/soul-based-influences working along with us at any given time. He wrote that some of these influences have experienced several lifetimes already while other influences haven't experienced a one. Upon reading this I purposefully went into a very quiet state-of-mind and politely requested that all influences that didn't already have a life-time experience be purposefully removed from my team. It's obvious to me that if they don't have the guts to do what all of us here are involved-in, on a day to day basis, then their influence would be choppy, at best.

We are here, we are present, we are engaged in what clearly feels real. The idea that we should be dreaming about elsewhere has never felt functionally viable in regards to our issues at hand. When it's time to go home we go home, while in terms of the present, there's an endless diversity of fascinating and riveting stuff within easy reach for being openly explored! :)
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