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Originally Posted by Lynn

Every place has something or someone that can come and go from it. Many times its not the structure that holds the energy or beings its the land.

Why do you feel "trapped" there ? that is more the concern that I would have as a Medium as much of the work I do is more around the living than those that have passed. The living at times are the one's that have not moved on from a loss in a house or the loss of a family member.

The picture is well just a picture of a property that could be anywhere. At any give time when you go to take a picture any spirit around can
well jump into the frame and get its image captured. Same as living people can show up in the background of a selfie you might take.

What do you want to know about whom is around you in that other side aspect ? Is there a message you might be looking to receive ?


No it's not about having trouble leaving the memories.In fact I was only one and a half years old when great grand ma passed on.It is not about being emotionaly attached to this place.I badly want to move out from here,that is the only thing I wish right now. But I just can't- as in everything happens to keep me here.Either I fall ill,or whether I go out of the city I rotate back to this place. I have become isolated now.Everyone else's life is happening while I spend every day stuck inside this house like an old lady after her retirement.
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