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I like the words in this

Originally Posted by Michael Elazarus
Totally understand Azmond. I don't think things are organized in the "Real Realities" like they are in this reality. They probably don't have words or labels, they are probably much simpler, but more complex in different ways, and probably overlapping. Here on earth, we need to put a label on things to understand. And that's maybe for entry level to the understanding of what Indigos, Crystals, Blue Rays, etc are. Those of us that totally understand and are experienced in reading about this groups, and have been down the rabbit hole probably know they are just insignificant labels, totally.

But it's more about what is behind the labels, and are categorized "under" the "labels". So I do understand what you mean, but people like to put a label on something so that others understand it. People then (if they wish to find out more) look up the attributes (or symptoms haha) of these labels, so that they understand what the person is talking about when someone tells them what they identify with.

I don't use the term "Blue Ray" much, but I will use it to tell people what I am like, because the info is there, and is easily researchable.

But I do understand how you feel and what you are talking about, totally.

Especially the idea that here on earth, labels can serve a good purpose. Well said, and in general the rest of it is also well said.
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