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Originally Posted by keokutah
You can believe in whatever you believe in, I'm not attempting to change your mind and I should hope for you to respect my beliefs too. That is what I believe in from personal experience. All the medicine men I've learned from over the years believe that the star people are actually star people who are our relatives, not just spirits, in fact all of them are spiritually gifted enough to see them and speak to them just like I can and some of the most powerful medicine people I know have ufos following them around. I've never heard that native people don't believe in aliens because in my town at least, everyone I know does.

UFOs are sometimes seen over our Big Reservation in NE Arizona. To us Dine' they are considered to be Aliens like the White man was 500yrs ago. to present day. They are from outside of our nation. I never heard of UFOs following our Medicine People around.
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