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Originally Posted by Debrah
Hi mogenblue,

As I was reading your last comment, you made me smile. It was kind of like looking at something I might have written. And I'm happy to hear that you were feeling so 'jolly' yesterday, although you might like to be careful that the 'jolly' doesn't offset the healthy diet too much.
makes sense, hahaha
I make sure to get enough fibers. Fibers are important to keep the bacteries in your guts healthy. I want to get bulgur into my regular diet. That's steamed wheat. Some brands are very high in fibers, more then 10%.

Originally Posted by Debrah
It's interesting that you found people to talk to on an insurance forum about plant based diets. I can't imagine how that started. Did someone bring up a particular illness that gave you a 'springboard' in with your contribution? Well maybe a seed was planted even if the talk did fade away. You never know!
I jumped on a topic about how to lose weight in a healthy way. It was dead for about a year or so, so I thought it would not harm to give it a go overthere.
Overweight is a very common problem in western society and it leads to various illnesses and other problems.
At present the topic has more then 7000 views, almost 8000. So somebody is reading it.
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