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Originally Posted by linen53
baro-san, I am here just doing, living, experiencing, surviving and learning. I was puzzled for a very long time just how karma worked. Now I don't give a hoot about karma. I put it in the same category as "sin". Because it keeps many from just experiencing the human aspect of why we are here.

organic, I don't take this lifetime seriously. It's just another "drop in the bucket" of my many incarnations.


I truly believe in previous incarnations I analyzed things to much. In this one I've learned or am experiencing living my life by my gut instincts.

Lol, bunch of random thoughts, sorry for the chaos, but it's hard for me to put down into words.

Many of your conclusions used to be my conclusions but I no longer view things with these assumptions in mind. I no longer consider reincarnation actively, I no longer think in terms of young and old souls, I no longer consider karma in the ways that I used to... meanwhile, I easily agree with living life by ones intuitive gut instincts, we are both on the same page with this one. :)

The problem with the others above stem from the assumption that we would know enough, mentally, in order to 'categorize' with some accuracy. Our mental state is limited to this particular lifetime. Any assumptions that we'd make would be thusly limited as well. I remember aspects of previous lives, but this doesn't help me with the deeper implications of what that life was intended to address, so to gain insight into this life, based on another, tends to assume that we understand what isn't at all physical.

The old soul and young soul determinations made me feel good about myself for awhile, because I instantly defined myself as the older soul version when clearly I have very little understanding as to what fully exists outside of this current strickly-humanized experience. I would be basing my assumptions within limited and self serving ways.

And the term Karma could easily be a result of our human propensity to view ourselves and others in a hierarchical way. Good karma leads to good things? Bad karma leads to bad? I've seen plenty of good people having really hard times, and nasty low-lives who seem to fare fairly well. As a workable thesis, I think the term karma is a wash. We can fabricate an idea of what karma may be but it will only reflect our current definitions as they stand.

I found that in dropping the terminology I'm left more open to what's squarely in front of me. I don't have to understand what I can't possibly comprehend. This leaves me freer to adjust to the moment with much greater flexibility.

I no longer nurture a belief structure, outside of the raw outline that's required for functionality.

If we know 'that we are guessing' then the pressure is off to come up with a scenario that we then need to sell both to ourselves and to others. We can simply relax and be quiet, flexibly adapting to each moment as it arises spontaneously. Anything else feels contrived.

A belief in "nothing" sounds odd, until we start doing it.
With few pre-conditions each interaction presents itself in a fresh and newly composed way. Life becomes boring if we fit things into boxes, let them run free and they magically compose the most unpredictable music. :)

The key to a variably-in-tones may be found in our openness. While it's inherently hard to be genuinely open when we think we know more than we do.
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