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Dear All

Good or bad luck?

It is said that long ago, a man won a horse. At the time this was a symbol of wealth. His neighbors said:
- But what a lucky man ... and he imperturbably replied:
- Maybe, it depends on ...

One day, the horse ran away. The neighbors said:

- But that unlucky man had the joy and then lose it. The man again answered

- Maybe, it depends on ...

Some time passed and one day the horse returned, now accompanied twenty-five other wild horses ... The neighbors all amazed, then said:

- But it is not that man is even a lucky man ...

The man, always calm and impartial, replied:

- Maybe, it depends on ...

One morning her son was tame one of the wild horses and this down, breaking her leg. The neighbors responded in one chorus:

- What bad luck man ...

And as always, the man replied:

- Maybe, it depends on ...

It happened a few weeks after the war broke out and all the young people were called, all dying. His son, however, was bandaged leg and did not need to go ... All the neighbors again, said:

- About a lucky man ...

The events in your daily life have only the meaning you assign to them. another way of seeing, there is no luck or bad luck, good news or bad news; there is only news and facts. You have the power to choose their perceptions. You exercise this power of choice in all circumstances, every day of his life. When you consider the importance of this observation for his own life, I think understand why I think this is a profound truth.
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