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Originally Posted by wolfgaze
Tobi have you ever done a thread or written out a post about that experience? Was the loved one in question your K9 companion or another 'loved one'?

Yes wolfgaze, that was my Misty! My K9 Soul sister That event was THE particular catalyst which made me for the first time absoultely 150% sure of what I'd only been 50% sure of before (if that)
I'd had contacts from other loved ones, family, friends of family....etc before that, but rationailsed those things away, and not really listened.
The Misty-after-death encounter was a complete wake up for me which changed my viewpoint entirely.

I sensed my mother suddenly and very strongly also, about 3-4 times and that was loving and also humorous. Although I haven't literally met her while out of body, yet.

I didn't know you'd had those serious health problems wolfgaze. It seems we all have our Hope you are OK now?
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