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Originally Posted by Ground
But it is exactly your staring at the finger that "conflicts with everything [you] hold dear".

The problem is that when you say 'moon' you don't know what you're talking about since you're staring at the finger exclusively.

The real issue is that you're not liberated from 'the world of the finger and the fingers' as long as you don't see liberation ('the moon') and that you even can't see or acknowledge that you are staring at the finger.
So yes, you are right: you should be honest with yourself and drop buddhism which just adds another finger to your world of fingers. Buddhism isn't appropriate for all kinds of individuals.

Do it! Drop buddhism once and for all!
Stop hanging around here.
There is definitely no benefit in wasting your time in a buddhist forum except if you derive benefit from lamenting
I certainly see liberation and in that sense I am awake. However I have no desire for it in place of what I have in its place. I consider myself to be quite selfless in how I relate to others. Seeking liberation as I understand it, for me could only be out of selfishness. So what that means for me is I found what I was looking for but it's not for me. I'm humble enough to admit that I may be completely misunderstanding what liberation is like but I trust my intuition and intellect and heart enough to know that I'm probably not far off and not only can I not see how life could continue for a family man in such a state, I wouldn't trade my current life or condition for it even with all the sorrows and pain because that's just part of it.
I'll probably stick around because I don't see many others here calling themselves Buddhist and I enjoy their company and dialogs. Besides you would miss me.

The cessation of identifying with the fluctuations arising within consciousness
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