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Occultist I would have loved to see you write something enlightened on this subject instead of mainly projecting your own fears in an unhealthy way.

If we talk about things that are wrong, we should rather talk about people who let their own fears keep others from moving forward on their path. Suicide is not lower than any other form of death. The easiest path to end in a self made state of hell, is dying if you are not ready to die and people who keep burying others in their own fear is only helping to push that individual closer towards ending in a self made state of hell. So let us talk about "what is" instead of all this unjust fear and try to help people find their true path and inner beauty.

I know that a lot of you want to help but posting your fears in a way that inspires fear in others is not helping at all. It is only doing harm to those who need help. So stop posting those harmful posts and start healing the fear that is blocking your own path.
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