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I didn't really think you meant that as a statement, because I really do understand the compassion you displayed in your original post. Mainly, I just wanted to show that there was another perspective to consider when making comments such as that. So I wasn't quite as offended, as I was saddened by it. But then again, the entire topic is one that elicits a sad emotion.

I can't really say that I follow any particular religion, even though I was raised a First Southern Baptist. Mostly I just let my heart guide me as best as it can. But, I'm also a psychic medium and have been participating in helping lost souls cross over into the Light for quite some time now. So, I am well aware of there being an afterlife. But, I'm also aware that not all souls go into the Light right after they die. And it isn't because they are not welcomed into the Light, it's because of the state of mind that soul is in. Too many souls wind up believing that they're not good enough to go to Heaven/into the Light. But that is simply not the case.

I've seen and experienced way too many things in the spirit world to not believe in an afterlife, or in a "Heaven", even if Heaven is just going into the Light. And for the most part, "Hell" is what each lost soul makes it to be in their own mind. Though I will admit that some experience Hell far worse then others do. And those are the ones that I try my hardest to help free.
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