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Originally Posted by travelgirlfl

These have all helped me IMMENSELY, esp. with the suddenness and shock of 'losing' him, that he remains close in whatever way he can...

So sorry for your loss. I agree that these signs and communication experiences are very helpful when dealing with grief. I also found that it helps to talk to your loved ones who have passed and recently discovered that you can actually ask them to send you signs. Many people don't realize this. I wasn't aware that it was possible myself until I tried it. I'll share another one of my experiences. This one is by far my favorite and most amazing one!

A few months after my ex-boyfriend passed, I started receiving signs but was unsure whether or not to believe they were real or brush them off as coincidence. I decided to ask for confirmation. I spoke aloud to him and asked him to send me a pink rose. A couple of weeks later I was at a park to have lunch with my family. As I was about to sit down on the picnic table bench, I spotted something directly underneath my seat. I bent over to pick it up and was amazed to find a PINK ROSE! I got chills and was sure the rose was meant for me. It was artificial, so I was able to take it home and put it in my kitchen. I view it as a very special gift, and keep it nearby as a reminder that our loved ones live on after death.
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