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Originally Posted by sky123
It did puzzle me as to how Noah fitted them into his Ark
But that was when I was a child

That's usually the first thing many peeps think about. But actually, dinosaurs are only one issue, there's also plenty of other large prehistoric animals. Of course the entire story of Noah is man made, a myth that perhaps has its origin in a local flood experience, maybe some crazy man even built a boat and was convinced he was chosen by a god. However, it's more likely it is a story with a specific purpose, but at the same time I view it along the same line as modern fiction or stories from video games, fantasy movies etc. They all serve a purpose to explain archetypes and common and recurring themes in human society..

Besides the issue with all the animals, there is of course the simple impossibility of there having been a ''global flood'', not to mention there were civilizations and communities thriving before, during, and right after the supposed flood of the bible, on all continents. So any suggestion that we all come from some survivors from 'God's favourite people' a few thousand years ago is on the same level as believing in a flat earth.

These sort of stories from the O.T. serve perhaps as useful metaphors and can have a purpose to understand issues that humans deal with, but there's nothing about it that suggests these things happened, whether that's the creation story, the Flood, the many genocides committed by a deity, or the parting the Red Sea.

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