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I was on every psychotropic medication known to man for about 8 years and came off everything. Which meds were you on? I had a few seizures when I came off xanax too fast so you have to be careful when abruptly stopping certain meds. I still came off it really fast and transcended the withdrawal symptoms with inner body meditation and within two months I was in a really good place mentally. First time I came off drugs was a living hell, last time was easy cuz I been spiritually purified in such a way I dont attach to things like I used to.

Inner body meditation has transformed my existence but its one of those chicken or the egg things, maybe theres no explanation to how I been liberated other than Im waking up spiritually. Im not just free from drugs, Im free from so much addictive activities and behaviours. Im in a real good place mentally, emotionally and spiritually right. I dont know how it happened exactly, inner body meditation, ayahuasca, plant medicines, relocating myself to the jungle in South America but all these things are on the surface, it seems to be the healing all comes from coming to peace with yourself and life and from the peacce comes the love
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