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Originally Posted by emperorcow
I also practiced Falun Gong. I used to have excessive knee pains and I had problem bending down when doing the Falun Dafa microcosmic orbit. However, my knee pains disappeared after persevering for a month. My guess is that every individual is different and we will encounter different experiences.

My advice is that you persevere with the practice as many people reported significant health gains. Focus on learning the principles behind Zhuan Falun as they are just as important.

As with any practice, you need patience. Hope this helps. :-)

Qigong has no links to Falun Gong, Qigong is thousands of years old and is focused solely on health., Falun Gong is focused on reading the books written by master Li.

" Adherents would try to gain enlightenment by reading the works of “Master Li”, who is said to be able to walk through walls and levitate."
Falun Gong avows a path to salvation for the faithful, the ' faithfull ' being master Li's followers.
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