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Originally Posted by kris
This is what I think. Reincarnation is not about punishment. It is about opportunity to keep growing. Every birth is an opportunity to grow whether or not we are happy living it. One aspect of growth is overcoming our fears, including fear of dying and fear of god. In my view, suffering itself is no justification for reward. However one can learn and grow while suffering and that I think merits reward.
Hi, kris. I LOVE this concept! And in response to the OP, Phrozen84, I ask: why would anyone want to default back to the starting point and again struggle through a similar hard journey, when the alternative would be to fight/wallow/sob/scream through the hard times and come out on the other side of them with a new understanding and another phase of growth that was earned through the suffering?

Please know, Phrozen that I do not mean to minimize your pain and struggle. I am sorry that you have been, or are, struggling with pain. But it seems pointlessly masochistic to end one's life and then have to start all over again, with similar struggles and pain. Trust me, I've wondered this at times myself - but the soul instinct to keep plodding away on this path has been stronger - perhaps deep down I knew I'd wind up going through all the same hurt again if I cut my journey short, before it was my time.
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