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Originally Posted by Burntfruit
Things like walking in the countryside?

Drinking cold water?

Maybe swimming?

The feeling of being refreshed and peaceful?

Oh yes.

There are pros and cons to being in spirit as well as in the human body.

When we move on we can easily recognize the strengths that our body has. It creates so much of our experience on it's own, it's amazing to be honest. So many people overlook the body because they think of all the problems caused by the body operating on it's own. I think this comes from ignorance, they don't know how their body works so they feel a slave to it and consequently are very vocal about how much of a hindrance the body is.

I think something that is great about spirit is the potential it has.
I think something great about physical reality is the bliss and ease it has.

Spirit is more difficult, yes, but the rewards match the difficulty.
Physical reality is easier, yes, but the rewards match the difficulty.
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