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Originally Posted by ArianHawk
Thankyou for letting me know more. I agree, it is unfair. :(


You are quite welcome and it's no surprise that you weren't aware of these facts of life. The dairy industry works hard to spread the notion of happy cows and how those cows need us. And in a way I don't blame them because their livelihood and their own families well being depends on the money that those poor animals produce. But to base ones life on lies in no way negates the suffering and to be the bringer of pain is no way to live the short years that we have in this life experience.

Which is why I and others have chosen to participate in that way as little as possible. Granted, in our world the deaths and pain of other creatures is so imbedded in (all) cultures that it is impossible to avoid it entirely. For example I believe something in the glue that holds plywood together is straight from the slaughterhouse and that is only one instance. The list goes on and on. But to make a choice to avoid the obvious is doable.

I like to think that my life will be a testimony to gentleness and serenity. It's a work in progress of course but on that day when they lower this body into a hole, it is my sincerest desire that the last thoughts of those who gather will be that I stood for something important and that I lived by my belief.

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