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Originally Posted by iamthat
Ah, Iamit, there is a huge difference between the thought of Oneness and the realisation of Oneness.

The realisation of Oneness is a state of Being. If you have not realised this for yourself then all you have is an idea.

The thought of Oneness is just a passing flicker in the mind, which has nothing to do with the realisation.

To use a very inadequate analogy, it is the difference between looking at a menu and actually eating the food. You can die of starvation while looking at the menu.


Everything is already the REALisation of Oneness. What is being said is that the content of what arises has no significance. Whatever it is, IS already Oneness. You cant get more Oneness or increase it in any way.

The realization you speak of is no more Oneness that not realizing! However if the desire is to get rid of feeling disconnected, ALL must be included as Oneness manifest, particularly all aspects of oneself, including you not realizing!!!
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