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Originally Posted by Iamit
Who and what we are, including our suffering, is already Oneness if it is accepted that Oneness is the only reality, and our total connection unavoidable. If that is not accepted then indeed there there many things to do.


And that is why there is a small difference between Oneness and Enlightenment/Awakening. Because on an intellectual level you can kind of get Oneness and what it means...but then still be identified with the body/mind/ego and still say that is Oneness as well (being identified with body/mind/ego and suffering). However, if you realized there is no ego (it is just a thought) and realized you are not this body/mind (the identification is just a thought) would directly realize there is only Oneness. When this happens, suffering ends. That is Enlightenment/Awakening.

To directly realize and understand there is only Oneness means no longer resisting what is...which is suffering. If you are still resisting and having problems, then you still have not really realized that there is only Oneness. Oneness is merely a mental concept that is believed.
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