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Originally Posted by kishore
slow snake, it is a consious vision and not unconsious and according to u it is brow chakra and also asking whether how to find answer using heart chakra

Hello kishore,
When you astral travel it is via the heart chakra, you can do meditation on any chakra,if you focus on the brow chakra or third eye then you get all your clairvoyance skills via the third eye,so you have clair/clear vision,or clair/clear hearing,or clair/clear feeling and it goes on and on.

When I see,I am sitting in a chair,or standing and in my "minds eye" or inner eye I see a scene from the future, it comes and goes when I feel in harmony with someone who is on my harmonic/vibe.
When I saw my niece and her 4 year old daughter at a family gatheri˝g in Perth I said to her " you're pregnant",just like that,she went next morning for a test kit,it was negative,I reiterated to her she was pregnant,that is claircognizance,but as I was talking to her and my family,I was having a vision of her 4 year daughter who was in the lounge but was 6 years old playing with a 2 year old girl,so I saw the future using my third eye,2 years into the future, now 4 year old DekotÓ was 6 years old in the vision because the girl she was with was her unborn sister and 2 years old,all this whilst sitting at a table having a meal,as I was eating I could see the two of them playing in the lounge,I told my niece she's having a daughter,black hair little chunky legs,but she wouldn't show me her face,that is clairvoyance, ( I think this is what you were doing )

My niece phoned me three weeks later,I said I already know,she said I'm 5 weeks pregnant,so at the house the night I told her she was pregnant she had a 2 week old foetus growing inside her,and pregnancy tests only show 4 weeks pregnant,hence the negative test!

You my friend are clairvoyant,you are utilising your third eye,you are learning,we all have to learn, just like school,if I were you and I am not sure of sex or age but you sound young,you have been given a gift,use it wisely and to help others,you are definitely a clairvoyant,alright,and its not forced,like me it came to me I didn't ask or want it,but I got it,so have you! Well done!

Kind Regards Billy.
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