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Originally Posted by Iamit
I'm sure you know the origin of the term "Ego"and its use made popular by Freud so no need to go into that.

We know from our own experience that mind works on, thinks about, worries about, feelings of discomfort experienced by the organism it serves. It searches through its memeory to see if it has already solved the discomfort and applies that again or, if not dealt with before, it searches externally for more data in the hope of finding a solution and if successful applies that new solution.

One of the discomforts in life that we exprience is rejection, usually starting at an early age. That discomfort is passed to mind like any other discomfort. What mind comes up with in an attempt at a solution, is the construction of a character that it thinks will deflect rejection. That construction is our Ego. It is a defensive construction designed to protect the organism from rejection. Some constructions are more successful at doing that than others. Like all the constructions of mind, it takes energy to maintain that character. Mind does not use energy unnecessarily and monitors the construction to see if the defence can be reduced as we evolve through our experience of life. This happens automatically as does all the activity of mind. Once we understand the purpose and function of our mind and its child Ego we do not have to eliminate either but can simply leave it do its thing. It is automatically kept under review.

The idea that ego needs purifying and the mind quitening will be because that is what mind has come up with in response to the particular details of the rejection experienced by the organism it serves. It is no better or worse that any other solution because each solution relates to the particular context of the organism concerned. Mind will put in place whatever eliefs are necessary to maintain its Ego construction.

This need for protection is why the mind will not allow itself to be undermined but will present as undermined if that is what is required for its survival. Taking on the mind is always a losing battle. Ironically it will drive you mad or kill you as a last resort to stop itself being undermined because it thinks, quite rightly, that you cannot survive without it.

What you think you see as the appearance of mind overcome is a construction of mind! It is far too clever to allow the Ego it has created to be successful in overcoming it

Yes one can imagine a scenario in which mind no longer has to maintain the character (ego). as a defense against rejection. In that scenario rejection would no longer cause the organism any discomfort whatsoever so the defense would no longer be required. In classic non dual terms there would be non-one there.The organism would then present only as that, a happening organism with no filter of character whatsoever. (and declare that openly as the great masters do). Exactly as it would have been had no ego been constructed in the first place.

It would be what we call Liberation but specific about what that liberation was from, namely the need to present as a separate person/character or at least a full awareness of what that character is/was. In fact that full awareness is probably what triggers the Liberation!!!

For that state to be described as Enlightenment, the embodiment of the concept of Oneness, would be correct without the filter of a defensive construction of character. It is all the unique constructions of ego that make us feel and see ourselves as sepatate from each other. It gives an interesting insight into Nisargaddata's beautiful statement :-

"Knowing you are nothing is wisdom, knowing you are everything is love".
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