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Originally Posted by God-Like
In a way your personalising the mind and suggesting the mind has an agenda to keep you within / of it .

I see the mind perhaps differently from most in that it is the environment for one to experience the mind-body experience .

The mind in that respect is impartial to whether you can transcend it or not or become trapped within it's fields of supposed influence .

Is it the mind's fault that one can be swayed by the sense of one's ego? I say not .

x daz x
Hey daz.

Would an open mind have an agenda of itself or more an awareness inclusive of the mind/body/spirit? In this way what leads, is a more aware connection from within as a "whole being" as I see it. In some ways the mind is working in harmonized "emptiness" but open, in this way, it is more a vessel of open flow awareness without attachment. So the transcending point is really being open more holistically from your whole being, so there is a more inclusive movement or response in this way. Of course how you determine your own movements will be from the point of your own connection in yourself. Unless of course you can see more beyond that point before your being this..

The wisdom of samadhi is quite different. Higher level wisdom cannot be written down. It cannot be spoken. True wisdom is the knowledge of the universe that is beyond physical expression.

It is important to have a certain amount of solitude just to clear your circuits. You will find that you can be very happy just being by yourself. Go to new places. It will cleanse your spirit.
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