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Originally Posted by Lilyth Von Gore
I don't see how I can turn something like being sexually assaulted into a positive thing. .

By the very fact you survived by realising the greatest revenge in life is always your own love, loving and happiness.

By remembering a lot of people out there, didn't make it through, but you did and that's precious.
You cant change whats happened, but you can, with time and healing, change how you respond to it.

I went through some experiences and the hate and anger were massive. I wrote this, to get it out and also remind myself, that the light within us all, will find a way to shine again. I wish you love on this path always.

Louts of love

Devour me why don't you,
From the inside out,
Ingest your marvelled work,
Delirious that it's come about,

Relish in this damp misery,
Tears i know as spit,
Indulging fallacious powers,
The louts of love have hit.

Hide well inside what is,
Your putrid heart translated,
Invading my writhing pulse,
For now - pierced and penetrated.

Suffer to afford my misery,
Haggle for the pain,
It'll ease your blow,
When i come round again....

For Within me, is the candle,
Within me is the flame.
Know You will rue the day,
As my light shines again...

~I think it's impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves ~

◌ⴽAꕂꕂ A simple smile could be the first aid kit that someone has been looking for,
If you believe with absolute honesty that you are doing everything you can....DO MOREꕂꕂ◌ⴽ
~Shane Koyczan~
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