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Yes, I am a student of Patanjali and that's why I like your sig so much! =)

If you understood the full meaning and implications of it, you would understand that you are also identifying with the fluctuations arising within your consciousness and hence why I pointed this out to you.

However, that being said, a notion of Divinity fills that whole void for me. It's also why I cannot be a true Buddhist apart from a Vajrayana one. I believe in God.

That has helped me overcome all the 'emptiness' of Buddhism and filled in all the blank spaces within myself - within my heart.

Honestly, if you are happy just being yourself, embracing joy with the pain, attaching yourself to whatever ideals you hold, go for it.

I feel you are very insightful, still trying to find your own identity like Sky has said and you seem to be a very nice person.

Buddhism is too much in the mind and in the whole headspace for me too and I am a 'heart person', but having compassion for others still eludes me somewhat, but I know I have strong feelings towards a Divine being and that has allowed me to fully open up my heart chakra and rest within it.

Just open yourself up a bit more to the opportunities the universe provides and watch for the signs...they'll take you wherever it is you need to go.
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