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Originally Posted by BlueSky
I was wondering if you all here in the Buddhism circle would be so kind as to judge me. I'd like to see what your intuition says about me if anything. It could be good/bad, positive/negative all is welcome and will not meet with opposition.

I've come to understand what Buddhism is saying that it is about and the more I read, the more I feel I either don't agree or am just not ready for it as a practice.
Heck I don't even mind suffering, it's a part of life as is joy and happiness and desire and attachments.

So as a last effort to try and analyze myself I ask you to analyze me for me.

Thank you in advance

Judge you?
My intuition has no judgement, so I cant help you in the way your seeking.

A few things arose reading this all the same, but they arose more out of curiousity... Why are you seeking to be analysed by Buddhist circle? It doesn't make sense to my awareness in me and Buddhism as one. Why is it difficult for you to not reflect through all life that will show you yourself, every single day you enter into life?

Another thought...(I guess if he "feels judged" by others he might understand judgement better or gain more insight into those parts of himself that he is yet to see because he feels he is missing something in himself? Perhaps? )
If he wants others to intuit him and analyse him, does that mean he is not listening deeper into his own being to listen in this way? Is it his intuition that he is missing and he is yet to feel connected to it? This could well be so? A disconnect from his intuition, it does happen?

Then I could go on further and wonder some more...

What if he is seeking to find himself in Buddhism teachings and he cant see himself in there yet because he hasn't opened to himself fully yet to know he is within the teachings when he understands himself, living as that?

And of course there is always more..
Well he understands living with all aspects of life is part of life, you can just ride with it all, let go and embrace what is important, so that seems like a great way to embrace life, so what more is he missing I wonder? You can ride the waves and surf your way through the whole damn lot?

And then I need to ask you this..
What part of Buddhism doesn't match your own alignment and views? Do you mean all of it?
And also why is it not ok for you to say "Its not my path?" and find you somewhere else ?
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