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Originally Posted by redstone
I would go along with the view that it's when the body and mind are at rest and very still that is when the energy or chi starts to gather, this energy is then as a consequence of that stillness or rest collects in energy centres in the body, as more chi is collected it spills over and flows in to the other energy reservoirs, as it does so you may experience heightened sensitivity which can amplify your existing senses....which for me the first experience was my hearing went off the normal charts, as I started hearing minute things like spiders walking on walls and other creatures that were walking around outside in the garden....other sensitivities can be aquired as a result of the energy opening up the other centres in the rest and stillness is an important part in gathering chi in my view.

Yes i totally agree with you and ive had some of these phenomena happen to me too within the context of a general heightened sensitivity. There was no warning on the tin and i didn't read about what could happen in any book tbh. Stillness and rest as you say definitely open a gate and lead to a stillness which is alive.
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