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Originally Posted by Joe Mc
Chi is the force of life, which comes and goes, is replenished and expended. It is the circle of Being which has no beginning and no end. I was wondering this morning if our purpose is first to align ourselves or harmonise with Nature, therefore, life, and this will increase chi, much like a current of electricity is switched on, We can increase physical stamina etc. .but isn't this just the same as saying we can increase the battery size in a circuit of electricity for example ? Without the connection and alignment there is no power no matter what size antennae is channeling that power ? Thanks. Just a couple of observations and questions i felt inspired to write.

I wrote this in another thread but have pasted it here as it seems relevant to your question.

there is a phenomena I remembered when I was at college regarding the resonant frequency of a circuit, once that resonant frequency was found for that particular circuit, there was virtually no resistance and it gave out maximum voltage and maximum current....its like it never notices the resistors or other resistive components of the circuit, there was no conflict with its parts at all and it had maximum energy as hit a nail for me anyway!

so that would mean to me aligning the mental and physical systems so that there is no overall incoherence in any of these two, so that no unnecessary energy is wasted as in generating fear and anger or conflict within itself, it only responds in a relevant and measured that it conserves energy....that's my angle on it anyway.
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