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The way that I have come to think about what we really are, that a small piece of our soul come down to live here in this physical life on this timeline, is this (sort of) - and most of the information I have come across is channeled information - not just channeled by myself, but others and studied by me for quite a few years, has built a picture of (and I admit it is probably a limited picture because how can we really know) ….well….it all comes down to possibilities and probabilities, doesn’t it? Since I didn’t channel this information, I’ll try to give the source so you can add to your list of research, if you like:

The Multiple Universe Theory - funny this just came up in another thread, I was discussing Space and Tme or Space/Time and “discovered?” by Einstien and mentioned Brian Greene’s Fabric of the Cosmos (Nova). Brian also discusses the current Theory (well it is several years old now to be sure, so maybe not so current) of Multiple Universes. Seth (as channeled by Jane Roberts) wrote many books and in his first, Seth Speaks, says he is a possibility and probability master and discusses these topics that bend our minds. Dr. Oz, if I recall correctly, had a lady on his show that had a NDE and discusses the soul aspect of ourselves.

But I don’t believe you have to go out of this Universe to answer your question. In this Universe you could have all of the possibilities you mentioned. You don’t need to borrow another Universe to try this on for size.

In a nutshell (if you will) what I have come to believe (at least for right now anyway) is that we are all a spark of the Divine (meaning we each are a piece of God); and together we make up the whole of God, and God wanted data - input - like Johnny 5, but in a loving way. Who “we” are, all the we’s that make up God, (and that part I have no clue about how loaded a statement that is - if you multiply all the souls in all the universes - yeah, I don’t know…). Now, being a spark of the Divine, I have come to believe we all have access to all the knowledge in the Universe that we would want to access and all the physic tools we would need, we are God (because of that spark bit fyi) with all of God’s powers (too numerous to count) who really knows what each of us is capable of really.

So, that spark of the Divine that we are sounds small, but is incredibly big (space being a construct). The larger soul part of us must be huge, but I still can’t fathom how big it could be.

So, being God, and being Big, and being Unconditional Love, and having unlimited powers, sounds pretty cool right? The soul that we are a part of. So we are only a tiny part of our own soul.

As the lady explained on Dr. Oz, and I like this analogy so I’m using it, if you look at our Soul as a hand, and the life we are living on earth as a finger of the hand, and there are other fingers of the hand, (and really the fingers could be unlimited) then we are a spark of the spark, so to speak, but each of the sparks that make up the whole of our Soul have unlimited love, unlimited powers, unlimited access to create whatever we want...and all the possibilities and probabilities that you can think of exist.

Boy, that was convoluted - I am usually a bit clearer, but this is such a big subject, with lots of twists and turns.

So, if we are all just a finger of our soul, that larger part of us that is outside of space and time, and our soul wanted to experience this Earth, and got together with other souls and we all created this solar system (lets just stick to this solar system, but who knows if this group of souls created this whole universe - I don’t know maybe should be my standard answer) and we wanted to explore being physical upon this Earth that we all created, and over the billions of years it took to get up to this time, where we are now, we have all lived multiple lives on this Earth, and been multiple things on this Earth (not just Humans - how very limiting a concept (laughing at myself, sorry - it is difficult to narrow this down, it keeps expanding LOL) so we’ve been a part of the air, to purify the air for habitation, we’ve been the rocks and the trees and the vegetation and the forest animals and on and on until there were humans and we became the humans - there are just so many ways we just to be conscious, and we can pick any way we want, so let’s talk about us as humans, having multiple “reincarnations” on this Earth. If you think of time as a construct, and make it solid for a moment (as Brian Greene uses an analogy of a loaf of bread, that suits here) so time, as this loaf of bread, can be split up into piece of bread, and if each piece of bread was one of our reincarnational selves, and we have - I’ll throw a number out, but I don’t even know what the number might be - say 20 slices of bread. So we are now 20 fingers (selves) living 20 lives and in each life we might have 3 of us living at the same time (the movie Cloud Atlas comes to mind) the question of do these selves all look like each other? I don’t think so. I think, as my one self here typing this, each day I have many choices. What to eat for breakfast, how slow or how fast I am going to get ready for work, which road did I take to get to work, what did I say or not say, did I go to that party I was invited to or not, etc etc. Each choice we take. All of them. So within this one lifetime alone, I have sprung so many alternate realities that I am living (as each time I make a choice, I am creating an alternate reality of myself that took that choice and sprung off from myself) do you see why we don’t even need the concept of MutilUniverses, this universe has so many of “me” living in it on this time line alone to keep the larger part of me occupied, this is when my mind blows up. Too many possibilities and probabilities to consider. Because the I that I am now have 6 (oh God, lets say 7) senses, all focused in my hear and now. The body mechanism is our focusing mechanism that always allows us to be in the hear and now. So the 5 senses that we know and love are the way we focus on only this life in this time with this choice.

So, thought creates form. Our thoughts create our reality. In this life, and all the others.

We are unlimited beings but our bodies help us focus into this life. So, in this life, is there other me’s? I would say yes. But I would also say I came from the same source (i.e. my body when I was born). But I have made many choices in my life, therefore creating multiple lives I am living that sprang from those choices, what is weird is I am coming to believe other people can see me sometimes as I live these other lives from the choices I made, but I think that is very rare. Dolores Cannon talks about a few incidences she had come across about people interacting with these other choices.

So I would say a qualified yes on the picture in the paper. Qualified because even though I just typed all that, trying to wrap my head around it is really mind bending. But the more I try, each time a understand a little bit more. Do we have to understand and try to break our brains LOL? No. But is it fun? Sometimes :)

I had a dream once. I was reading one of Seth’s books, I believe his first one, Seth Speaks, and my mind was getting bent on alternate realities, and I just wasn’t understanding event the concept, it was so out of my normal thinking, and one night, just as I was drifting off to sleep, I heard, give her 6 inches of alternate selves, and I dreamed (to make a very long story short) of 5 different me’s that I was living, and each one was me but was not me, but all sprang from me but went off due to choices that I had made. There were about 5 I remember, and some were in the past, some were in my now, and I think there was 1 in the future. What was really creepy for me is that I didn’t feel like they were me. They had made different choices and become these other people and they didn’t feel like the me that I am, that made this choice to be this person. One of the other selves had had an affair with my boss (can I just say gross?) and was very hardened. I so did not like that one.

As far as where we go when we die, the where part stumps me. But I do know I am never dead, now that I am created LOL, and this part of my soul is eternal. Just the body dies, never the consciousness. I think we just change form and can explore the world from that vantage point for as long as we want, we can visit loved ones, etc. I think we do this at night while we sleep anyway.
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