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I have an odd connection with them; people have told me I remind them of a faerie and I have seen some in dreams and in life (the mostly appear as fluttering lights of all different colors in waking life though. I carry their energy when I am most alive. One dream I had I was going through many trials in a dream and I returned to this small white cottage in the woods with white walls wide open windows and a pillar I could lean myself against. I saw multi colored lights flying towards me and I reach out my hand to see a fairy land on each of my fingers, each of a different shining light of color and each with a different personality and face; so vivid, more vivid than waking life honestly...each captured a part of myself in some way; but on another plane entirely.

Honestly now that I think about it...A while ago; the only psychic reading I've ever gotten the woman was spot on about my life and an amazing energy she asked me if I'd thought about being a healer. I told her no sorry, but I keep getting more and more signs to be. I did an energy reading a few years ago expecting that the aura was just one color to find mine was green with other colors but as I focused on my hand I saw a rainbow come from my thumb; I googled it to read it could be a sign of the healer. It relates to that rainbow faery hand dream I feel. Now I sometimes work with the energies of light; only when I'm set on healing someone or myself and see them all the time in my home, around other people, in the forest. They give me signs which are very useful and incredible to how much they pertain to the step I must take. Faery energy has alot to do with love of nature; connection with nature and the spirit realm. You must devote yourself to the forest over the ego of humanity to be one with them I believe.

And also this is why I'm at this forum; if I said this to everyone I know in person I'd probablly get some eye rolls. I suppose my reality as I see it is different than most.

Side note I have normal rounded ears. I don't believe I'm a faery (the ears have nothing to do with this haha) but I feel them in my energy.
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