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Oh yeah...I definitely feel connection to various parts of the world...some I've been to.... others never even close...but the feeling persists....

interestingly....other parts of the world leave me cold...I feel no connection at all.

Glad you brought this up as this very thing had crossed my mind a couple of days ago!

I was watching back to back to back episodes of one Anthony Bourdain's travel shows and it struck me how interested I was in some places and totally uninterested in others and that got me to really thinking about how I feel connection to some places....

One such place I've been intensely interested in is Africa's Great Rift Valley for both reasons of feeling a powerful connection drawing me to it but also because I'm kinda a paleo and archaeology I went there and lived with a indigenous tribe for a month...long story but incredibly spiritual trip for me......the energy was very powerful there!

I gotta run right now but I'll definitely be back to this thread to expand on this conversation....
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