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Originally Posted by Nowayout
I never hit my son, not my way. I just had endless debates with him...

My father's generation was into spankings, they all did it, got the strap across my hands in school once, that hurt! My father's spankings where more subtle?

The church, had my fill with there judgments, my heart rules me now but what do I know.
I agree about not physically hurting a child.
Children do not know consequences and often what is right from wrong.
And they test and exercise their boundaries.
These are all part of growing brain and of building their personalities.

They need guidance and explanation from their parents.
Time out and taking away some of their privileges temporarily are the right ways to teach them about consequences of their actions.

Also, I see parents spanking them in public when a child just does not know how to express themselves.
The child may be crying and screaming because the child is hungry and/or tired, or even scare.
They are basically in physical or emotional discomfort and do not know how to express it verbally but to crying and screaming.
Instead of calmly figuring out what is causing their child to acts out that way, parents often panic and hurt their child physically(or verbally threatening them) to quiet them down.
It is so sad.

Hurting them physically causes emotional scars, confusions (especially when they are little toddlers), fear of expressing self and trying new things in their future, and even PTSD.

Yeah, do NOT spank your children, people.
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