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Originally Posted by Lynn
Forgotten lives(past)

1. Why do People tend to forget and forget their past lives, having no memory or recollection of them at all?.

2. Why do some remember some of their past lives and not all of them?.

What is the explanation for both and each one of these?.

I have done many past life readings for people and I have memories of some of mine vividly, but too at times what and whom we were in the past might not be something we want to know we were. Honestly some of mine have been rather dark in nature and I did things that in today's time would so not be accepted. If I was more sensitive to acts from the past it could have an effect emotionally on me.

I have been in groups of Past Life Regression sessions where the person might learn something that is horrid and it so has a lasting effect on them. It does not wash away that easily if you find that you did something horrific or had a horrific death event. This might well be why we do not recall them, as we do not need to know that aspect of whom we are in this lifetime.

Its like I feel we all have that 6th sense where we can tap into that psychic / medium side of us but its not for everyone to open that door to that part of our self. Its like a past life at times its a double edge sword, where knowing can be a blessing and a curse in the same breath. Not many would have like to have some of my past lives or deaths, and no one has ever said they would take on my abelites in all I deal with daily. So here again the past is the past and at times best to stay locked in that past.

We can come in and out so many times to recall them all might well be an overload of information that honestly we might not need to have access to in any the lives we are yet to live. Flashes at times will give you insights to whom you were, but to find the hard cold facts is another thing. To prove it without a shadow of doubt is not possible as we can not travel back in time and re live that life as if we were living it. We can only line up the time lines and say its "possible" not "proven".

The past is the past the present is what matters and the future is no not cared in stone. We all know well that stone is something that can be eroded over time by the elements as can our memories.

If we could access information from a past life, we might well be able to alter the future, this is not something we would want to do. Maybe the Universe controls what we recall and what they hold from our Soul knowing. That Book of Records that only opens to certain chapters not the full story.


Hi Lynn and thank you for sharing your experience and opinion in a very thorough and detailed way.

I believe that past lives' memories can be proved if and in the case points out to details of events and experiences that there's no other way of knowing other than having had the specific experience their own person.

Substantial or unequestionable proof of these details can be any official records and registries.

Another way of proof may be in my opinion, the following,

Let us say for example , thousands of years ago, I buried a book or some other kind of treasure at an exact location that was inaccessible or difficult to be accessed and general location was/is unknown or known to just a few.

Of course , the existence of other abilities in this case, may make it a bit of a difficult task for another , at least for me, to attribute for example, the pinpointing to the exact directions of this location that this book or treasure was buried and finding exactly what another had described to have buried thousands of years ago to past life memory.

Or make it, initially the least , difficult to decide whether the above is a result of some kind of psychic or remote viewing and/or other abilities or indeed a past life memory.